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 Why military personnel should study the four sub-courses listed below? Write an two-page essay answering the above question. Below is a short description of each four sub-courses. This self-study course consists of four sub-courses: Foundations, Information Operations, Information Management, and the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP). The Foundations sub-course establishes the philosophy of warfighting as set forth in MCDP 1, Warfighting, and the doctrinal foundation for all further instruction. The focus of instruction is on the doctrine of maneuver warfare, the nature and theory of war, and the role and organization of the Marine Corps during joint, naval, and multinational operations. Students are exposed to other concepts such as Department of Defense organization, joint operations and componency, warfighting functions, tactical fundamentals, main effort, and commander’s intent. The Information Operations sub-course introduces Information Operations (IO) as an integrating concept and includes numerous capabilities identified as core, supporting, and related. The Information Management sub-course emphasizes the basics of command and control theory and information management techniques that are required to implement the Marine Corps warfighting philosophy across the range of military operations. The MCPP sub-course explores the doctrinal concepts and applications of MCPP. MCPP is a process that supports the commander’s decision-making and embodies maneuver warfare doctrine with its tenets of top-down planning, the single-battle concept, and integrated planning in order to generate and maintain tempo in military operations

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