Journal article summary and critique

 Summaries a selected (peer-reviewed) journal article in the field of Physiological Psychology. Use the school library or any links like PLOS . Make sure the article relates to a topic covered in the text or lecture. For your summary, include the following information: What is the topic of the article, and why is it important? Who wrote the article? Is the article an empirical article (reporting the results of a study that the authors conducted) or a review article (a summary and integration of the results of many previous studies that have been done on a particular topic)? If the article is an empirical article, what is the purpose or goal of the study being described? Do the authors make specific hypotheses? If so, what are they? Who were the subjects/participants? Describe the methods/procedures used. What were the main findings? Did the findings support the researchers’ hypotheses? What do the researchers make of the findings – that is, what do they conclude? If the article is a review article, summarize the major themes or patterns of findings that the authors discuss. What do the authors conclude about this area of knowledge based on their review of the research in it? What do the authors say still needs to be done? Explain how what you’ve read in this article fits in with what you know from class notes and the text (be specific!). Identify 3 specific things (facts, ideas, etc.) that you learned about Physiological Psychology by reading this article. As much as possible your own words to explain the article and the findings reported within it.

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