Consulting Project (Orlando Health or Osceola Regional Medical Center)

Choose an organization (Orlando Health or Osceola Regional Medical Center) or one that is easily researched. If you choose an organization that markets many different products or offers a wide variety of services, focus the paper on one product/service or product line. Your project may be based on a new product/service or an existing product/service. Specific Guidelines: 1. You are required to write a marketing plan for a healthcare provider, health system, or physician office. Your marketing plan does not have to be deployed, but it should be creative, yet practical and realistic in today’s market. 2. Carefully read Chapter 2 of your textbook for a thorough explanation of the purpose of a marketing plan and an overview of each of the marketing plan elements (pages 30–45). 3. Carefully read the relevant sections of the textbook’s Appendix for a marketing plan outline and suggestions on (1) how to organize your marketing plan, (2) the type of information you should include in your plan (3) an example of an actual marketing plan. Use your judgment to determine those points that are particularly salient/important for your chosen organization. 4.Your marketing plan should be no longer than 7 double-spaced pages (not including table of contents, reference. (Need Table of Contents)

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Table of Contents


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